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Social Responsibilty Project
Otizm Güçlü Aile Derneği (OGAD) – Autism Strong Families Association was established in 2013, in order to empower individuals with autism spectrum disorder, support families coping with autism and increase awareness about autism in the society.

Our founder Demet Uyar is at the same time the President of OGAD. Demet’s son Kuzey was prematurely born in 2004, weighing only 750 grams. Kuzey, while struggling to survive, was diagnosed with autism when he was 1.5 years old. Kuzey continues his journey of development with the intense education he gets. The reality of Turkey is far from these means of intense education, which the children with the same diagnosis ought to receive. Moreover, the families are unconscious of what they should do. Sadly most of the children with autism diagnosis in our country cannot get sufficient education or even any education at all.

According to the recent studies performed in the United States, (CDC-The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) one of every 68 children is diagnosed with autism. These ratios display an escalating trend lately. The only proven treatment to autism is intense education.

The biggest dream of OGAD is to establish a school for children with autism, where there can receive their education with other children who display natural development; and later to transform this school into a community village. In Turkey although there are 352 thousand children with autism under 18 years of age, only 21 thousand are able to receive education. In order to fill some portion of this gap, OGAD has decided to establish a Family Consultancy and Education Center. In this center, families will receive advice and lectures about their children’s development. Moreover, by the help of social integration approach, the children with autism wil participate in various workshops together with their brothers/sisters and peers, who display natural development; hence a developmental environment will be created.

We are proud and happy to support OGAD’s projects. We are also involved in corporate social responsibility projects with various organizations. We would like to continue our cooperation with institutions and individuals on sustainable projects which will contribute to the society.
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