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Who are we?
About Us
Our Difference
About us
Navitas is a professional training, consultancy and coaching company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We have been providing services to our customers on the basis of continuous development and learning since our establishment in November 1997. We provide solutions in the areas of personal, organizational and leadership development to meet the needs of large corporations/organizations, small businesses and individuals.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs in the most customized manner. We are serious about delivering excellence in service, quality and value to our customers. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to analyze their organization and identify their needs. We serve as change agents to help them achieve their goals most effectively and efficiently.

We started the first international coaching school in Turkey in alliance with CTI – Coaches Training Institute in 2004. We have received accreditation from ICF – International Coach Federation for our own coaching model “Developmental Discovery Coaching” in 2009. We are the first local company to get ICF accreditation in Turkey.

Our Vision
To be the most credible and leading training, consulting and coaching company providing our clients with the most customized, original and sustainable solutions at world class standards.

Our Mission
To assist our clients in aligning their human resource with organizational goals and in improving their results by acting as their solution partner and change agent.

Our Values
We believe that values are the heart of an organization and represent the unquestionable basic corporate culture elements. Therefore, we are highly dedicated to our corporate values:

Trust, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork, Commitment, Creativity

Our Guiding Principles
We have built our success on the following principles:

Customer and Employee Satisfaction: We believe that our output is customer satisfaction, both external and internal ones. We believe that customers are our reason of being and their satisfaction is our most valuable asset. Therefore, we aim to meet their specific demands to attain the desirable transformation for achieving their objectives.

Quality: We aim to match world best standards and to provide our customers with the highest value of service. We act as change agents. Our understanding of quality is to create a change in organizations, which will enable them to reach their goals most efficiently. Therefore, we closely follow up international trends synthesizing them with local understandings to enable the transformation to easily penetrate into the corporate culture.

Sustainable Development: We believe that learning is a lifelong experience. We know that we exist as long as we develop ourselves and our services. We know that we can meet our own organization’s goals as long as we are committed to continuous learning. In order to create value in our services, we place important emphasis on development of our programs and our own team.

Relationships Built on Win-Win Situations: We believe that sustainability of our company depends on long term customer relationships that will be provided with a fair and honest approach. We are highly sensitive to attain and participate in win-win situations.

Competence: We offer services in which we are competent. We may turn away business if we think that we are not qualified enough in the requested area. We work on projects that we are sure we can deliver added value. We believe we have to meet our customers’ trust and have to deserve what we receive in return.

Social Corporate Responsibility: We believe that we are liable to every group we cooperate with during our business. We are sensitive to our social responsibilities, our clients, our society, our employees, our government, our country and natural environment. We are not involved in tasks that will prove otherwise. We are involved in community projects to serve the world we live in.
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